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Julia Römmelt Julia Roemmelt Julia Rommelt

Julia Römmelt Nude

Hundreds of thousands follow her on Instagram . When Julia Römmelt fled to the coast of Portugal with a VW bus oldie in the “Summer of Love” style from the German autumn gray, only we followed her. With a camera. And discovered the sunniest Miss December on record. From now on in the new Playboy you can see Julia Römmelt Nude (12/2020)!

The ambitious one

Even as a young girl I said to my mom: “When I grow up, I want to go to Playboy – there are the most beautiful women in it.” Now my big dream has come true, and I’m really proud of it. By the way, I only do modeling in my free time. My main job is building management for the city administration.

The influencer

I’ve only been really successful on Instagram since the beginning of the year. Actually since I started modeling professionally. I take a lot of photos and also very high quality ones – they go down pretty well on the platform. My number of followers (when this issue went to press: 385,000) is growing steadily, but it’s also important to stay tuned. In fact, at the moment I leave the house at 7 a.m. and don’t finish anything until 11 p.m.

The family

There is always something going on in our family. I have five siblings, two older and three younger. I’m already three aunties by now. So I was never alone and am used to being surrounded by people. My mom is my great role model and a real power woman. She raised us six children practically on her own because my parents separated at an early age.

The travel enthusiast

It is a real heartfelt wish of mine to explore South Africa in the next few years. There the landscapes and the animals in the wild appeal to me. In general, I’m never at home for long, I travel a lot. I just like to travel, and it really makes me sad that Corona doesn’t make that possible this year. So I was all the more pleased when I was allowed to fly to Portugal for the Playboy shoot (Julia Römmelt Nude).

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